Working at stoba Customized Machinery in Memmingen: Flexibility and team spirit

“We are looking for people who enjoy their work and have fun with the product. Who simply really want to!” These are the most important qualities that Ulrich Schwerin, Head of Human Resources at stoba Customized Machinery in Memmingen, mentions when asked about the desired qualifications of potential applicants.He is currently looking for new colleagues for the Memmingen site in a wide variety of areas – and attaches great importance to ensuring that they really fit in with the company and the existing team.

As a leading expert in the development and production of electrochemical (ECM), precision electrochemical (PECM) and laser machining processes, working with innovative technologies is part of everyday life at stoba Customized Machinery. In addition, the work there is characterized above all by solidarity, cooperation and trust. This is reflected in the high level of flexibility that employees have in their day-to-day work. “You have a lot of freedom in your work here – in thinking, being creative and, if necessary, also in organizing your working hours,” reports Cigdem Karabulut, warehouse logistics specialist at stoba Customized Machinery. “Such freedom is based on the fact that we always coordinate well and support each other. I really appreciate that.” Another reason why the work is still exciting for her even after twelve years: the opportunity to gain insights into other areas. “I can always look over the shoulders of colleagues from other departments and exchange ideas with them,” she reports. “You learn something new every day and it never gets boring.”

Room for own ideas and further development The room to learn new things, to contribute own ideas and to constantly develop further is an integral part of the work at stoba Customized Machinery. For this reason, the company also offers funding for university or technical degrees, among other things, as Ulrich Schwerin explains: “If we see that someone is really committed and performing well, we want to support them.” Cigdem Karabulut has also benefited from this. The original bakery specialist initially started in the stoba warehouse without any specialist qualifications – but after a few years, she completed her training as a warehouse logistics specialist at the company. The fact that these framework conditions are bearing fruit is also confirmed by the high retention rate of trainees: around 90% of all trainees remain with the company after completing their training. “Employees can expect an open, collegial working atmosphere here, in which we are also happy to encourage cross-divisional interest. So if you want to help shape the company and contribute your own ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of whether it is for worldwide assembly work, in production or a commercial job,” summarizes Ulrich Schwerin. An overview of all vacancies and a contact for unsolicited applications can be found on our People & Jobs page. Anyone applying for a job at stoba Customized Machinery can rely on a quick and unbureaucratic process: as soon as we receive your application, we will review it individually. If your profile suits us, we will then invite you to a personal interview with Ulrich Schwerin and the relevant head of department so that both sides have the chance to get to know each other. You can then expect to hear back from us within a week. Ulrich Schwerin will be happy to receive your application: “We look forward to hearing from you!”

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