stoba ONE

We are three business units in five countries at seven locations, and we are ONE company. Networked and connected across national borders and time zones, we combine our diverse expertise to deliver unique results for our customers. Partnership-based communication and joint development make the decisive difference.

Three times full innovation power

Shaping development and improvement, implementing highly complex processes, constantly creating something new – this is in stoba’s DNA. Our three business units translate this DNA into forward-looking solutions – both individually and across divisions.

We are
where you are

Our core markets are Europe, Asia and North America. And that is exactly where we have our locations. This means we are always exactly where our customers are, are in close contact with them and can adapt dynamically to local requirements.

We are more

Our activities as a company do not stop at business. We are also an employer, part of society, an energy consumer and more. We are aware of this. And it is precisely for this reason that we are actively committed to living up to this responsibility. How, when and where do we do this? You can find out in the Responsibility section.


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