Strong department with strong trainees – IHK recognizes training achievements at stoba

Finding a suitable training company is not an easy task for many young people. This is mainly because they often lack insight into the company and find it difficult to assess what to expect. At stoba, great importance is therefore attached to getting to know the applicants well during the application process and giving them as clear a picture as possible of the company, its culture and the training process. The fact that this approach works is demonstrated by the performance of our trainees, among other things:For the second year in a row, they have achieved such good grades in their final exams at the Backnang site that the IHK Region Stuttgart has presented stoba with a certificate for particularly good training performance in the technical/industrial sector. The certificate reads: “Trainees from your company have completed their training particularly successfully and achieved excellent results in this year’s IHK final exams in the summer term 2022. […] These achievements would not have been possible without a high level of commitment and good cooperation between all those involved in the training.” This result is a particular success, especially in view of the fact that the majority of this year’s training period took place during the coronavirus pandemic. “We offer our trainees project-based training throughout, in which they can independently plan and practically implement a holistic production process and check its quality,” says Markus Gebhardt, Head of Training at stoba in Backnang. “We have done this to the best of our ability, even under the special conditions of the last two years, and are delighted that the work has paid off.”

The basis for successful cooperation between stoba and the trainees includes other things in addition to practical relevance: “For example, many applicants do an internship with us before they apply,” explains Tanja Siegel from the training department at the Backnang site. “This gives both sides – the trainees and stoba – the chance to get to know each other and decide whether training is an option.” During training, care is then taken not only to teach the regular training curriculum, but also to train in peripheral areas that allow trainees more flexible areas of application later on. In addition, the trainees spend time abroad and work on joint, cross-location projects. Support measures for particularly good performance and a high retention rate round off the package. “As a result, we have only lost one apprentice to another company directly after completing their training – unless they go on to master craftsman, technician or engineering school,” explains Markus Gebhardt. Christian Peschke, Managing Director at the Backnang site, sums up: “The training department is and remains an essential part of our future strategy – because we need young, motivated specialists to help us become better and better. We are proud of the outstanding achievements in our training department and are very pleased that these are also seen and rewarded in this way.” Further insights into the training department at stoba can be found in our trainee video and in Svenja’s experience report.

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