Where uniqueness is standard
Relentless creativity, technical curiosity and meticulous implementation strength: this is what stoba Customized Machinery stands for. Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made production systems for electrochemical metal machining (ECM), precision electrochemical metal machining (PECM) and laser micromachining. Our customers benefit from innovative solutions in an all-round carefree package that can be put together as required: from consulting, project planning, development, programming and design to service, maintenance and retrofitting of the highest quality, we offer everything. And that is with over 30 years of experience and more than 500 projects around the world.


From automotive and medical technology to the consumer goods market – stoba Customized Machinery technologies are used by leading manufacturers worldwide. The solutions that our experts develop for these industries are just as diverse as their requirements and demands. Whatever the sector, our aim is to process or finish workpieces and blanks in such a way that the performance of the end product is not only visible, but also measurable.

Engineering and digital services

From planning to implementation – everything from a single source
Whether you have questions about process development, process optimization, programming or the general improvement of product quality and efficiency: we provide you with full support for your project. Our wide range of services includes engineering services for ECM, PECM, laser and cleaning technology as well as automation. Our experts will support you from the analysis to the conception phase of a project, from prototype development to production optimization. And always with a focus on the common goal.


Design and programming
In order to guarantee our customers high quality and cost-effectiveness, our experienced engineers carry out the mechanical design, electrical planning and software programming themselves. We use innovative simulation tools right from the project planning stage to ensure maximum functional reliability. We also offer customer-specific programming services.

Simon Mohr


“Hello, I’m Simon Mohr. As a project manager and technology expert, I can give you specific advice.”

Phone: +49 8331 98487-148

Machines and systems

Competitive advantages through technological lead
The demands on the quality of components continue to grow – as do those on the optimization of production processes and cost savings. Our development team can meet both requirements: With sound and proven knowledge of system design, mechanical and electrical construction and control technology commissioning, right through to complete system testing. This is how we develop the right solution for every requirement.


We specialize in ECM, PECM and laser technologies. We can combine these with automation systems, cleaning technology, state-of-the-art measuring sensors, intelligent handling of data and interfaces and ease of operation for the machine user. This allows our customers to keep everything under control, from the blank to the finished end product.

ECM technology

Electrochemical metal machining (ECM) is a non-contact machining process. It allows workpieces to be deburred precisely and efficiently without contact and therefore without any thermal, chemical or mechanical influence. The process is used in areas such as aerospace technology, the automotive sector and toolmaking.


Our ECM systems

ECM system Alpha Basic - ECM deburring

Alpha Basic:

The attractive entry-level model in the world of ECM deburring technology.

  • Control system: Siemens, Beckhoff
  • Ergonomic and clear operating concept
  • Working area D x W: 600 x 1050 mm
  • Generator: Up to 1,000 A at 58 V (with and without pulse function)
  • Attractive entry-level model, even for small quantities
ECM Alpha Duo system

Alpha Duo:

The double station solution for reducing non-productive times during deburring and countersinking.

  • Control system: Siemens, Beckhoff
  • Flexible machine solution for a wide range of tasks
  • Realization with one or two work areas
  • Excellent suitability for large or long workpieces
  • Manually operated or adaptable automation solutions
  • Generator: up to 3,000 A at 58 V (with and without pulse function)
Automated ECM system

Alpha series automated:

stoba ECM systems with adapted automation solutions for multi-shift operation.

  • System consisting of proven standard modules
  • Integrated process chain consisting of infeed, ECM, cleaning, drying and outfeed
  • Expansion stages based on the production volume
  • Achievement of economical cycle times
  • Layout adapted to available space
  • Process integration and support from a single source
ECM system Delta 3D - ECM deburring

Delta 3D-ECM:

CAM-supported 6-axis robot for economical ECM deburring tasks, e.g. of hydraulic blocks.

  • Effective even for small quantities, e.g. large pump housings in the oil and gas industry
  • Precise deburring results with high repeat accuracy
  • CAD/CAM-supported ECM machining strategy
  • Integrated cathode changer for carrying out various deburring tasks
  • Determination of the workpiece zero point via 3D touch probe, e.g. Renishaw OMP 40
  • Generator: up to 3,000 A at 58 V (with and without pulse function)
ECM system Beta


The stoba all-in-one concept in the highest configuration level.

  • Control system: Siemens
  • Fully automated facility for ECM and PECM processing at high production rates. The system includes the ECM/PECM processes, automation, measuring technology, cleaning technology and drying, labeling and marking
  • Central workpiece delivery and output
  • Highly productive system with up to 14 deburring stations
  • Integration of PECM sink technology possible
  • Modular design with the option of step-by-step expansion
  • Achievement of particularly economical cycle times
  • Process integration and support from a single source

Particularly diverse: The application possibilities of ECM machining
ECM machines from stoba can adapt any machining process to the customer’s wishes and individual requirements, regardless of the complexity of the workpiece. Deburring, shaping, drilling or cross-drilling – our technologies offer options for every application.

ECM deburring
ECM Molding
ECM Drilling
ECM cross drilling

Laser technology:

Laser processing machines from stoba Customized Machinery are high-precision, fully automatic processing centers for innovative micro laser processing in the µ range. Laser processing is used in many areas, for example in the automotive industry, in e-mobility, the aerospace industry, in medical technology and also in the mechanical engineering sector. A wide variety of materials are processed.


Some examples of applications:

  • Drilling injection nozzles in the automotive industry
  • Laser cutting of stents in the medical sector
  • Structuring sapphire glass, ceramics or mother-of-pearl in the watch industry
  • Removing and structuring embossing dies in tool and mold making
  • Drilling turbine blades in the aerospace industry
  • Surface processing with lasers
  • Precise processing of the surfaces of individual workpieces and creation of ideal surface structures


Our laser surface treatment technology has many advantages:

  • Precise processing of metal workpieces (e.g. stainless steel, steel or aluminum)
  • Lasers with ultra-short light pulses for optimum production quality
  • Precise, clean cutting edges during laser cutting
  • Minimal temperature impact
  • Extremely high speed
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Support from personal contacts and a team of experts with extensive know-how in laser technology
Our laser systems
Laser processing system FocusONE:

Machine concept for micro-precision drilling and machining

  • Mechanical pre-machining and laser finishing of bores
  • Drill holes from ø 25 μm
  • Laser efficiency at approx. 95 %
  • 5-axis kinematics with a positioning accuracy of ± 1.0 μm Rigid granite frame with integrated processing axes for up to three processing positions
  • Frame and axes with water cooling. Temperature stability ± 0.1 Kelvin
  • Movable control panel with Beckhoff Twin CAT
  • Working area of the processing stations can be viewed via HD camera
  • Workpiece feed by means of vibratory conveyor
  • Two different workpiece types can be processed simultaneously
  • Machine is set up for high throughput with maximum precision

Frank Heckelsmüller


“Hello, I’m Frank Heckelsmüller and I’m your expert for plant engineering. Would you like to automate your ECM processes, do you need a new machining tool or are you interested in our laser technology? Then get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!”


Phone: +49 8331 98487-179

Service and support

Armin Dolpp

“Hello, my name is Armin Dolpp and I am Service Manager at stoba Customized Machinery. Do you have any questions about service, maintenance and spare parts? I will be happy to help you.”


Phone: +49 8331 98487-190

Service Center Memmingen, Germany

Phone: +49 8331 98487-190 Fax: +49 8331 98487-090


Your service hotline

Convincing solutions and individual support – that’s what stoba Customized Machinery is all about. If a customer opts for one of our machines, we not only take care of delivery and commissioning, but also service and support. From day one, and even after the machine has been in use for a long time. Uncomplicated and worldwide.

The stoba Customized Machinery service promise

Service coordination within 24 hours
On-site service within two working days
Personal contact person

Maintained by stoba – service also for ECM machines from other manufacturers
Under the slogan “Maintained by stoba Customized Machinery”, we provide service, maintenance, advice and repairs for all ECM systems – regardless of whether they are our own or third-party products. Of course, we also take care of the appropriate spare parts and their installation.


Regular maintenance for lasting good performance
Production downtimes are expensive, they cause downtime and high service costs. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance of stoba machines and systems. Our service teams ensure the availability of the machines as part of maintenance contracts. To this end, we offer our customers preventive maintenance cycles that are tailored to their needs.

Close at hand, even from a distance. Our remote support:
The fastest way to get help is via the Internet: Our service technicians establish a connection to the machine’s control system via a secure VPN connection. Our system shows us a detailed image of the system in a matter of seconds – worldwide, around the clock. 90% of all inquiries can be resolved quickly in this way.
We can also use the VPN connection to help staff on site to write new user programs. The VPN pays for itself after just one service call. And if a service call is necessary on site, our programmers and service technicians can easily provide support via remote maintenance if required. The application was specially developed for industrial requirements and therefore offers everything that is important: the employee at the machine has his or her hands free and the system works in cold zones just as well as in very hot environments.


The advantages of remote maintenance at a glance:

  • Real-time support anywhere in the world
  • Fast localization of faults
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Low service costs

Retrofit for machines and systems – modernizations for the highest demands
In addition to project planning for new ECM machines, stoba Customized Machinery also offers the modernization of older systems – for our own machines as well as for machines from other manufacturers. Our experienced engineers and technicians use their extensive knowledge of machine tools from a wide range of manufacturers to replace existing machine and system parts with more modern and productive components. This may involve, for example, generators, the machine control system, the electrolyte circuit and much more. Thanks to this approach, machines and systems are brought up to the latest state of the art in the shortest possible time – a machine overhaul with added value, as the constant purchase of expensive new machines becomes superfluous!

The technical overhaul of your machines by our retrofit team has many advantages:

  • Integration of current components
  • Adaptation of the safety technology to the current state of the art
  • Comprehensive, in-house engineering for software, hardware and mechanics
  • Extensive safety testing of the overhauled system by stoba experts with many years of experience, thus ensuring maximum functional safety
  • Creation of new CE with documentation
  • Competent implementation of training courses including documentation
  • Comprehensive service and support from our employees, from quotation to commissioning
  • Production of new workpieces through machine retrofitting
  • Extended service life of machines
  • Possibility to produce new workpieces or components
  • Increase machine capacity
  • Secure and accelerate processes
  • Overall significant increase in the performance of the production system
Process training
System operator training
Maintenance training

Training – Everything you need to know

Our service team will train you in the areas of machine operation, process technology, preventive maintenance or special focus topics. Each training course is carefully prepared by our application engineers and tailored to your needs. Practical training courses can be held either at our premises, at your premises or online.


The home base of stoba Customized Machinery is the Bavarian city of Memmingen. We also have contacts in the Chinese city of Yantai. We also have a total of eleven sales partners around the world.


Head office with development, production, sales and service

stoba Sondermaschinen GmbH

Mittereschweg 1

87700 Memmingen


Phone: +49 8331 98487-0

Fax: +49 8331 98487-100


Sales and Service Asia

stoba (Yantai) Precision Machinery Components Co. Ltd.

No. 91 East Zhaoxian Road, Fushan District

265500 Yantai, Shandong Province


Phone: +86 535 2138800

Sales partner


BeMaq SA

Contact: Eduardo Koch
Phone: +54 1152


BGT Brazilian
Germany Technology
Contact: Ernesto Tedeschi
Phone: +55 (11) 4153-2996


stoba Sondermaschinen GmbH
Contact: Leo Lee
Phone: +86 139


BCD – Machines Outils
Contact: Herve Blehaut
Phone: +33 139


Machtools Technoserve P Limited
Contact: Praveen Goyal


Bstudio S.R.L.
Contact: Emanuele Careggio


GSN Maquinaria-Servicios-CNC, S.A. de C.V.
Contact: Moises Lopez
Mobile: +52 442 109 83 48


LTT Maszyny i Technologie Sp. z.o.o
Contact: Mr. Zbigniew Lewinski
Phone: +48 22868 6137
Mobile: +48 660

Portugal & Spain

Maquiser Industrial S.A. de C.V.
Contact: Christian Postigo Olsen

Czech Republic & Slovakia

IMTOS, spol. s r.o.
Contact: Petr Teverny
Phone: +420 511


GE-CO Hungary Kft.
Contact: Thomas Rieth
Phone: +36 23


Paragon Machine Sales LLC
Contact: Dave Olshefsky
Phone: +1 2488 914478

South Korea

Contact: Jun Seok Chang
Mobile: +82 10 3557 089


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