Yantai, China

Stoba Precision Machine Components Co. Ltd.

No. 91 East Zhaoxian Road, Fushan District
265500 Yantai, Shandong Province
People’s Republic of China

Highest quality and performance on the Asian market

Our location in Yantai is the hub for our customers in the Asian market. We have been manufacturing and processing metal components for a wide range of applications here since 2013. Characterized by a young, dynamic team with a strong customer focus, the plant in Yantai is a strong and reliable partner for equally productive and innovative solutions.

Founded in 2013

Services: Turning, milling and drilling, hard and fine machining, ECM, PECM, partner services

Production area: 8,000 square meters
Employees: 150

E-mail: info@stoba.cn

Phone: +86 535 2138800

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