stoba is more than just a profit-oriented company. For us, the people at stoba, responsibility is part of our corporate strategy. We live it as a reliable employer, as a future-oriented technology partner and as a resourceful member of society.


For example, we have been training young people to become technology experts since 1986. Many of our former trainees are still firmly anchored in the company – in some cases even as managers. Training at stoba goes beyond the curriculum. We look after young people and school leavers, giving them support and structure, orientation and prospects. Through the IHK-certified further training to become energy scouts, they are also actively involved in the important topic of energy and the environment. And we also support them after their training with talent programs and development opportunities.


Furthermore, we have never disregarded the environment when it comes to our precision parts. As a result, our engineers have been able to contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from engines by continuously developing production processes.
When it comes to CO2, we generally have big plans. For example, the largest stoba site in Backnang, which emits around 15,000 tons of CO2 per year, is to produce CO2 neutrally by 2030. Our neighbors will also benefit from this. That’s because our respONEsability project includes smart load management as well as renewable electricity generation. And the people around us can then fill up on it.


And then there’s our project of the heart, the Tour Ginkgo. We cycle, collect and donate for sick children who need special care. All of stoba is committed to this special project and has been supporting the Tour Ginkgo for more than ten years.

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