Working together

Commitment is one of stoba’s key strengths. We are committed to progress, we are a reliable partner for our customers. And we maintain contact with our colleagues every day, even across our various locations.


Working at stoba is very diverse. This is due to the very different qualifications, company divisions, locations, cultures and markets. Our seven branches spread across the world also offer very different qualities for their employees. In stoba Yantai, for example, there is a very active employee club. In Backnang, people experience the structures and processes of a large factory – while remaining down to earth. In Weinstadt, few people move very big wheels and Brno impresses with concentrated power against a historic city backdrop. In Memmingen, the extraordinary becomes reality (and in the Allgäu dialect), Small Dole is particularly popular with our trainees and from Charleston we are shaking up new markets.


The exchange between the locations is lively – we work together on many customer projects, orient ourselves on coordinated processes and at the same time preserve the special features of each location.


If you would like to find out more about us, read “News & Stories”. “We are stoba” also contains many interesting facts about us. And under each job advertisement you will find more information about the respective location.

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