It’s always better together – stoba x Beckhoff

In our latest TecStory, we describe the great cooperation between stoba and Beckhoff. Especially in the area of series production, the shortest possible inspection times are important, even for different components. stoba achieves this with the InspectorONE visual inspection system – based on deep learning and with the XPlanar planar motor system from Beckhoff as the conveyor system core. This enables the shortest possible cycle times to be achieved when inspecting components. In the last project implemented, for example, high-pressure injection valves from a well-known automotive supplier. Around 6 million parts per year can be tested in just 3 seconds in three-shift operation. XPlanar enables a short cycle time that would be difficult to achieve even with a rotary indexer. It is also an extremely flexible and customizable transport system. What’s more, the floating movers are wear- and abrasion-free conveyor technology and can therefore also be used in clean rooms. Read more about InspectorOne and our cooperation with Beckhoff from page 30:


PC Control 02|23
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