From studies straight into practice – our working students introduce themselves

Innovative companies need creative minds who want to make a difference. Our working students, among others, provide a breath of fresh air and constantly new perspectives: They enrich the Marketing & Communications and HR departments with knowledge and current topics and are therefore an important part of stoba.In this interview, our three working students Luzy, Alisa and Lisa reveal what their everyday life at stoba is like, why they like being here and what drives them outside of work. Let’s start in the HR department: Alisa has been supporting the team here since September 2021. She is studying vocational education and personnel development for her Master’s degree and initially completed a compulsory internship at stoba as part of her Bachelor’s degree. She was then hired as a working student due to her excellent performance. Her tasks lie in the area of e-learning. She is responsible for creating courses and managing the platform. We asked Alisa what she particularly likes about her work: “What I particularly appreciate about my work at stoba is the flexible working hours. This allows me to maintain the perfect balance between my studies and my work as a student trainee,” she says. Alisa adds that she also really enjoys the varied tasks and the contact with other employees from different departments.

Desired: courage and team spirit

She describes her team as helpful, reliable and creative. This is also confirmed by Roland Gaus, who is responsible for the HR department at stoba in Backnang: “In such a dynamic working environment as we have at stoba, we can only make progress as a team. We need people who have the courage to think outside the box and want to develop with the company. ” Working students in particular are therefore given the opportunity to contribute their own interests and ideas, set individual priorities and keep learning new things.

This also applies to the two working students in the Marketing and Communications team, Lisa and Luzy.

Lisa has been with stoba since October 2020 and works primarily in strategic marketing. She supports the sales team in everything related to new markets and is currently writing her master’s thesis on this topic. She also develops communication concepts with her colleagues, manages the stoba website and takes care of internal communication issues on Sharepoint. She says: “The work is super versatile and varied. If you’re interested in a particular topic, you get involved in it, and you’re also given responsibility for your own projects. So you always learn something new. And: I find it fascinating how exciting a seemingly dry technology topic can suddenly be when you deal with it on a daily basis in your job.” Her conclusion after almost three years at stoba: “We are dynamic, enabling and open. That makes work really fun!”

Students are animportant part of the team

Luzy is studying for a Master’s degree in Media Management and has been at stoba for around three months. She is establishing herself in her team as a LinkedIn professional and is thus actively helping to represent stoba even better. She writes press articles, maintains the intranet and website with new content and coordinates the team’s editorial plan. She also gave us an insight behind the scenes and told us what she particularly appreciates about her work: “The variety and the fact that I have been given full trust since day one. My team supports me in my areas of expertise and uses me where my strengths lie. The team spirit is immediately noticeable and the hands-on mentality is lived.”

When asked whether they are happy with their working students, all three answer with a clear “Yes!”. And the satisfaction is mutual: Barbara Hennecke (Lead Marketing & Communication): “I really enjoy working with our student trainees. They are an integral part of our team. I’m a big fan of students gaining real practical experience alongside their time at university. And I give them as much of that as I can.”

If, after these impressions, you also feel like putting the theory you have learned into practice in real projects, you are welcome to look for a suitable position on our People & Jobs page or send us an unsolicited application.

To get to know our working students a little better, we asked them a few more personal questions:

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